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After walking some distance man and God…. Once a father and son were working in garden.

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Child wanted to get appreciated by his father so he was trying his best to help…. On a hot summer day, A little boy and his mother were inside a lake house.

048 Finding God in Unexpected Places (5 Great Stories)

Little boy decided to go for a swim in…. Once in village lived a farmer who had two daughters. Once a ship was wrecked in a storm and only survivor left was washed up on a small inhabited island.

He prayed to God to…. Series: Christmas Is A Simple And Uncomplicated Message 3 minute read Faith: confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; assurance about things we cannot see Hebrews I spent the afternoon yesterday with friends who just had their fourth Series: Christmas Is I Spy Ways To Serve 3 minute read To serve: the action of doing something generous for someone else that shows favour, kindness and assistance; a willingness to lend a helping hand.

I recently read a book that Series: Christmas Is Be Prepared For Scrooge 3 minute read Good cheer: a shout of encouragement, praise, or joy; a cheerfulness, optimism and confidence that exudes happiness and good spirits. Stories To Share He Makes Brokenness Beautiful 2 minute read Recently my little guy broke his leg which you would never know from the big smile across his face.

He was simply monkeying around like little boys do… he accidentally They were offering it for free score! While scrolling through my calendar last week, up popped a special list of international days to note — I had never heard the song before, so in at attempt to be uber prepared for worship Stories To Share Sweet Relationship 3 minute read I play a game every day with my boys to get them to communicate with me. Call it bribery, manipulation or sugar hypnosis, but I call it mom magic because I asked what God was teaching her right now and was totally floored by her honesty and frankness.

Practice gratitude. Be present. Workout routines. Coffee dates. BBQ hangs. Prayer meetings. Work projects. Volunteer commitments.

The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman S01E06 (The Power Of Miracles)

Extracurricular activities. Doctor visits Ever done planks? They suck. Note: Anyways, the girl on the video was effortlessly holding her 2-minute Life feels like really bad timing right Stories To Share A Treehouse View 3 minute read Ever sat in your neighbours yard only to see your own yard and life from a whole new angle? Steve and Loretta Boxes were everywhere.

Weeds had piled up. Shrubs had died and needed to be pulled. The coolest thing happened.

Your Role in God’s Story | Ransomed Heart

A couple of weeks ago my son and I were hanging out in our living room when this beautiful deer darted across Have you ever found yourself smack dab in the middle of some crazy swirly blizzard where you were clutching the steering wheel so Lots of You know that look you get from the airline rep as she glances from the weigh scale to your Stories To Share Flashlight 4 minute read I had coffee with a lady a few weeks ago that asked me to name the top three people who have had the most profound influence on my life. Stories To Share Pack The House 3 minute read I went to an event earlier this month to listen to an internationally acclaimed spiritual leader share her thoughts on life.

I had never heard of this girl before and Take for example last week. My boys had totally demolished their toy room. Stories To Share First Response 2 minute read I was working in Starbucks last week and once again found myself captivated by a conversation unfolding right next to me. Stories To Share We 2 minute read Ever find yourself reading a passage of scripture for the umpteenth time and then suddenly it means something? I think of my little boys and how hard I work to ensure they are kind, thoughtful and I grew up studying the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum for 18 years.

Stories To Share Flavor 3 minute read Last week I took my boys to an ice cream shop where the shop boasted 50 different flavors of deliciousness.

18 Real Inspirational Stories of Faith and Hope Will Encourage You

Ice cream is my fave, so aside from the MIA I recently read a book that greatly I was eagerly anticipating one of those comfy couches in I had a million things to do in two short hours and THAT was the day my boys chose to go absolutely wild. At one The series of images featured six highly successful celebrities and their notable accomplishments.

It was loud! She was crying, people all around witnessing this were crying, and as they were all boarding the plane, the stewardess, who was also crying, stopped her, and asked, "Why did you do that? We don't always understand God's ways, but be ready, He may use us to meet the need of someone else, like He met the need of this old man, and in that moment, also calling out to a lost soul who needed to know about His love.

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